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After a loved one passes away, it is important that his or her wishes are carried out as they were intended. The probate and trust termination processes are used to transfer property and other assets to those who are entitled to them and to ensure that the administration of the estate is done correctly. The administration of a trust is typically less complicated than the probate process, but each has its own issues and potential complications. By hiring an experienced estate and trust lawyer, you can ensure that the estate is administered properly.

At the law firm of Schulze, Howard & Cox, our attorneys can assist you in the probate or trust termination process. We understand that the loss of a loved one is difficult and can put a great deal of stress on the family. Dealing with complicated issues associated with estate administration is a burden that most family members do not want to deal with after a loved one has passed. We can make the process as smooth and cost-effective as possible.
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The process of probate can be frustrating because it is very detail oriented, with much paperwork and many opportunities for conflict. In probate court, every judge and every situation are different and each case takes flexibility and a thorough understanding of the desires of the decedent and the law in the State of Ohio. At Schulze, Howard & Cox, we can help you protect your rights in probate. We can help you pay creditor's claims and any taxes that are owed on the estate. We can also fight for your rights in probate litigation.
The termination of a trust is also a process that benefits from legal advice to ensure that the administration of the trust is in compliance with its own terms and with Ohio laws. Our firm can help you ensure that all of these responsibilities are met, including the notification of beneficiaries, the gathering and disbursal of assets and the preparation of tax returns and other documents. We will often work with accountants and other financial advisors to resolve these issues properly.


The law firm of Schulze, Howard & Cox can also assist guardianships, conservatorships and related filings with the Probate Court.

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