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Farmers and their families face unique challenges in addressing issues of retirement and the transfer of their assets to children or other heirs. It is estimated that almost 70 percent of United States farmland will be transferred within the next 20 years.
Farm and agriculture estate planning assists farmers in providing for their loved ones and protecting the future of their farms and their families. In order to draft an effective estate plan, it is important to fully evaluate your financial situation and determine your objectives and priorities. By hiring an experienced estate planning lawyer, you can ensure that your estate plan is completed in a responsible and cost-effective manner. The attorneys at the law firm of Schulze, Howard & Cox, located in Marysville, provide farm estate planning
to clients throughout Central Ohio. We understand the unique challenges facing farmers and their families and tailor our service to fit our clients' individual needs. We can help you identify your goals and create a clear vision for the future of your business, and help you preserve your farm land through conservation easement. Contact us to speak with a lawyer about your farm estate planning and get the answers you need to your questions about your business succession and asset transfer.


In speaking with clients who own farms and want to provide for the future, there are similar concerns that many farm owners have when creating estate plans.

  • Farm owners are concerned about entrusting their business to another person, even a relative. They are worried that the business will not be run in an acceptable manner.
  • Another concern is whether the assets of a business will be able to generate income that is sufficient to support the business owner throughout his or her years of retirement.
  • Other owners want to develop transition and inheritance plans that treat all of their children fairly and equitably, even those children who are not directly involved with the operation of the family business.
  • Lifestyle issues such as health care decisions, living arrangements, and other concerns are also a key part of farm estate planning.

By developing a comprehensive transition plan for the farm or other family business, many of these and other potential issues can be avoided or minimized. The process can often be complicated and time-consuming, as it involves the merging of personal goals and concerns with complex financial, real estate and legal issues.
By working with an experienced attorney, however, to recognize potential problems and help you complete the process, you can feel confident about the future of your farm.

At Schulze, Howard & Cox, we can provide the counsel and representation necessary for your estate planning needs. Contact us in Marysville, Ohio, to schedule a consultation at 937-644-3849.