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At the Marysville law firm of Schulze, Howard & Cox, our experienced attorneys assist business owners in the successful planning and formation of their businesses in Central Ohio. We understand the hard work that is involved with starting a successful business in any industry, and help set up business plans that provide for today and also plan for tomorrow.
Our lawyers will examine potential difficulties and events that could occur in the life of the business and will put in safeguards to help prevent or lower the impact of these events on the business and the business owners.
Our attorneys at Schulze, Howard & Cox provide sound legal advice and representation for a wide range of business entities, including:

  • C and S corporations
  • Limited liability corporations (LLCs)
  • Closely held corporations and family businesses
  • Professional practices
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Partnerships
  • Sole proprietorships
We can also assist you with employee contracts, handbooks, service contracts, etc. Contact us to speak with an attorney and learn more information about how we can help you with your business planning and formation.


Our firm has worked with businesses from a wide variety of industries, including farms and agribusiness, restaurants, logistics companies, builders and development companies, lenders, service companies such as electricians and plumbers, horse breeders and many others. Each type of business has its unique circumstances and requirements that need to be taken into account to plan effectively for the future of the business. We can help you with tax issues, liens, property rights, employment agreements, business contracts and other concerns, including business succession planning.

No one likes to imagine the problems that his or her business might encounter, but, unfortunately, problems are inevitable for many businesses. If there are disputes between partners, lawsuits from clients or customers, or if the business is forced to close, having a strategy in place to resolve those problems is important. It is often easier to talk about these potential issues now, when people are typically more cooperative, than it is to resolve them down the line. When disputes do arise down the road, however, our firm can also provide strong advocacy in any civil litigation matter.
Learn more about our business planning and formation services at Schulze, Howard & Cox, located in Marysville, Ohio. Schedule a consultation to speak with a lawyer about your situation and learn what the best options are for your business needs and goals. Call us at 937-644-3849 to get started.

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