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At the law firm of Schulze, Howard & Cox, our experienced lawyers focus on providing practical and high-quality solutions that are tailored to the individual and specific needs of our clients. Our firm offers legal service in matters ranging from farm, estate and business planning to probate and trust administration, real estate, land development and civil litigation. Located in Marysville, Ohio, we are a small town law firm with the knowledge, skill and resources necessary to resolve your toughest legal challenges.

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At Schulze, Howard & Cox, our team of lawyers and staff are committed to serving Marysville and the surrounding communities of Central Ohio with prompt, professional service. Each one of our attorneys brings a unique and distinguished background and experience to our firm.

Together, we have the knowledge necessary to assist you with everything from simple wills to trusts and more complex business and estate planning. We can also provide representation for civil litigation matters, including personal injury claims, business conflicts, consumer issues, probate disputes, and other estate disputes.


Planning for the future and protecting your assets are important decisions to make, whether you are the head of a farm, a business or a family. When you know what you want and expect down the road, it is important that you have the tools and resources necessary to achieve those goals. If you are unsure of what the best options are for your future planning, you need advice and counsel that will help you look after your best interests.
Of course, in addition to preventing problems down the road, you also need to solve current problems and disputes. These disputes can range in size and severity and may be resolved through settlement, mediation or litigation. When resolving these issues, it is important to know that your rights are being protected and that your expectations are met by the outcome of the dispute.
Whether you are planning for tomorrow or protecting today, our firm can provide confidence and reassurance that your best interests are being looked after by experienced legal advocates.
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